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                        Teaches at Both

                                                             The Gypsum Gun Club                                                                                                     The Minturn                                                                           (Two Elk) Shooting Range    


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What firearms lessons fit your needs?

Note:  All classes and private lessons emphasize range safety.   They cover the safe handling and maintenance of firearms at the range, at home, and in settings from urban to rural.  Advanced courses emphasize effective and safe use of firearms as part of a comprehensive approach to personal and family protection and self-defense.

While On Target’s instruction is deadly serious, it’s also fun.  Generations of Matt Bayley’s students, vacationers and locals alike, return year after year to polish their skills, learn new techniques for self-protection, and enjoy his expert advice and teaching.

 1.  Introduction to Firearms Safety and Shooting Skills for Beginners (no prior firearms experience needed – learn skills to practice safely at the shooting range)

2.  Basic Concealed Carry Certification  
Meets Colorado state law requirements for the concealed carry permit:  4 hours of classroom work plus firing range work to demonstrate basic competence in pistol handling and shooting proficiency 

3.  Applied Concealed Carry (concealed carry skills and techniques for personal and family protection, not just at the range but in practical settings to deal with potential threats)

4.  Advanced Tactical Shooting for Personal Defense (incorporating a spectrum of skills, techniques, and analysis to deal with typical close quarter threats) for qualified students covering –

Defensive tactical thinking and threat assessment
Techniques for recognizing and avoiding threats
Dealing with threats in home, rural, and urban settings (including home defensive positions and tactics for use indoors and out)
Protecting loved ones and friends in urban or rural environment, or at home, when difficulties are unavoidable
Handgun retention and self-defense techniques when a threat makes initial deployment of a handgun impractical
Shooting on the move, or from knees, prone, or on back
Combat draw and magazine exchange; dealing with multiple attackers; movement when setting up and when firing; judging targets and angles

5.  Refresher classes and private lessons for experienced On Target students to restore or take their  proficiency, and comfort with firearms to the next level.

All courses are available as classes (with sufficient minimum advance registration) or as private lessons.

6. Clients wishing to create a course of instruction custom-tailored to their personal goals (for example, advanced tactical handgun shooting combined with related handgun retention and unarmed defense techniques) should consult by phone or in-person with Mathew Bayley.

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1.  Take a Two-hour private lesson (up two people)                                                                                                                                                             Private lessons: regular price $300.00.  Winter Special  20% discount only $240 until April 21st

2. Buy a five lesson punch card recive a 1/3 discount. Five lesson regular price $1500.00. Winter discout only $1000.00.                                    Buy a punch card before April 1st and the punch card is good  through October 1st .     

"Matt, You are a terrific educator and my wife and I greatly enjoyed your basic pistol shooting course. I have not fired a gun recently but now I am able to safely enjoy exercising my second amendment rights. We are looking forward to more of your courses." 
— Drew 


I served in the Army as a Military Intelligence officer both stateside and in Vietnam.  I had a great deal of intense, advanced military weapons training, ranging from sidearms through a variety of long guns and specialized munitions to machine guns and mortars to tanks.  I’ve been taught by many fine, experienced military instructors.  Without question, Matt is the finest small arms instructor I’ve met.  He is a superb teacher, at home instructing advanced shooters, beginners, and those in between.

__Richard M

On Target is an Equal Opportunity Service Provider

                     SHOOTING PROGRAMS UPDATE
                                       Concealed Carry Class       

Saturday, September 15th                                                                           Location: Gypsum Gun Club
Time: 9:00am to 5:00pm                                                                                       Cost: $150.00                                                                                                       (Couples receive a 20% discount)

                    Off Season “Punch Card” Special

50% off private lessons
5 two-hour private lesson $1500.00
Buy a Punch Card Now and get Five Private lessons for only $750.00
                    A private lesson is up to two students                                         
Use your Punch Card now and in the spring.

      Take your shooting ability to the next level and beyond.                    Private lessons are recorded and edited for your  maximum   
Don’t use trial & error to improve your shooting skill!
                                                                Good from:                                                                                                       September 1st through November 15th                                                                                                      &                                                                                                                       March 1st through June 5th

                                                                                                                                                                                                           Contact Mathew Bayley

      (970) 376-0644 or
Or visit us at




​​​       ​                    Private, and Small Group Lesson

are available seven day per week

A private lesson:

Is defined as up to two people.
The cost is $150.00 per hour with a minimum of two hours.
Range fees and gun rental, and all safety equipment included. 

Clients my bring their own ammunition or purchase it at wholesale cost from On Target

Clients are welcome to bring their own hand guns
 ​Small group:

is defined as up to six people.
Class length three hours.
The cost is $300.00 for the first two students and $100 for each additional person.
Range fees and gun rental, and all safety equipment included. 

Clients my bring their own ammunition or purchase it at wholesale cost from On Target.

​Clients are welcome to bring their own hand guns

Conceled Carry Classes

                          Please refer to the                            Concealed Carry Drop Down

On the left hand menue for

Dates, Time, Cost, and Class Discription

                    For more information or to reserve a lesson

                      Please contact Mathew Bayley                                           (970) 376-0644











Former Student recive an additional 10% Discount on all programs


Friends, Family, Co-workers

                                                                                                                                                                                                             Schedule a great outdoor winter adventure                                                                                                    Mix and match training on Hand Guns, Rifles and Shot Guns                                                                        

Schedule a four-hour group lesson  with a (1hour Pot luck and barbecue)                                                                Only $600.00                                                           
Group of three shooters    $200.00 per person                       
Group of four shooters      $150.00 per person
Group of five shooters       $120.00 per person                                                                                                                 Group of six shooters         $100.00 per person


 Celebrating  fifteen years instructing  world class firearms safety and shooting skills                              in the Vail and Eagle Valleys 

Group Get Together Specials

Make a day of winter fun, in our warm winter shooting  station

Four hours of shooting

Top off with a Pot-luck and barbecue.    
Schedule a great outdoor winter get-together with friends and family     

​                                                      A great way to socialize with the people you work with, outside of work!                                                                                                   Catered lunchs also available                     



"Sam & I want to thank you for the professional level of safety and basic pistol training you provided during the course. I know you have had many testimonials like this but add it to your list. It was definitely one of the best decisions we have made together." 
— Jim​ 

On Target Firearms Training 

I grew up around gun and have been shooting my whole life. I learned more about firearms and self-defense shooting then I could possibly imagined

All On Target classes and private lessons are taught by Mathew Bayley, a muti-displined NRA-Certified instructor, POST Certifed DefenseveTactic  instructor for law enforcement, and a close quarter combat instructor, working with all branches of the the military.

For two decades On Target, continues to be the most succesful firearms training school in the centrial rockies. An Expert firearms  practioner, with numerios  state and natonal awards, acknowledgeing his skill as a teacher; including  a Comendation from the Commisioner of Education  for the State of Colorado. Mathew Bayley posses the rare talent to blend exacting  firearms and range safey dispine,  with just the right amount of comic relief to create an atmosphere of comfort and safety.


 Clients may us only one Special Discount:




                              Saturday, Ocrtober , 21st           

                                     9:00am to 5:00pm  

                                     COST    $150.00








                         For more information or to schedule a lesson please contact                                                                                                     Mathew Bayley                                                                                                             (970) 376-0644

Members of the Gypsum Chamber of  Commerce
  on all Programs

                                Enjoy outdoor shooting in a warm, comfortable, heated                                                              Firearms Training Station.    

                                              Schedule an unforgettable family experience.

                                      Equipped with state-of-the-art patio heaters and barbecue.                                                           Firearms, range fees, and all shooting safety equipment provided.