The decision to get a concealed carry permit and carry a handgun, all or part of the time is arguably the most serious choice you will ever make. You are making an intellectual and moral decision to, if necessary; use deadly force as a legal means to protect your life and the lives of your loved ones, from the actions of violent criminals. In my experience as a close quarter self-defense instructor, clients who seek my services tend to be farsighted. They have accepted reality, that violent crime is on the increase and, ultimately, each citizen is responsible for their own safety. 

I have been an instructor/public speaker for over thirty-five-years, so I tend to be verbose. To save your time, I will lay out what my program offers that others in the Central Rockies do not. 
The facts:

A. The average time it takes a person to initiate an attack (charge you or slash at you with a knife) is .82 seconds.
B. The average time it takes a persons eye to focus, the brain to process,  so the body reacts to an attack  is
1.32  seconds. This means  good guys, be it law enforcement or law abiding citizens start to defend yourself  one half second  behind the attacker.   

THAT IS WHY:  The shoot or no shoot distance for law enforcement is 21 feet.  It accounts for this half second deficit,  giving the law enforcement officers time to react and survive. This  nation wide standard is hammered into local, state and federal  law enforcement.

 That being said,90% of self-defense shooting   happens within 15 feetOf these, 90% happen within 3 feet.

 This means that there is high probability that if you were to have to protect your family or yourself with a firearm it will happen at a distance law enforcement professionals try to avoid at all cost. 

Before choosing a firearms instructor you should ask yourself these questions. 

1. Type of Instructor 
A. Are you looking for an experienced full-time professional with over thirty five year of teaching experance
B. Are you looking for a part-time instructor? 

2. Depth of instruction 
A. Do you want a shooting instructor, who understands close quarter fighting, including the use of knives, sticks and bare hands? 
B. An ordinary target shooting coach? 

3. Learning in a safe environment 
A. I would prefer a shooting instructor who is also a  Chief Range and Safety Officer.
B. Any instructor will do. 

4. In summation; are you looking to? 
A. Become truly proficient in the use of a firearm in a life and death situation? 
B. Simply get your CCW permit? 

If you answered A to the above questions, then I am clearly the best firearms instructor to meet your needs. 

To preview a selection of Student Reviews of the Concealed Carry Class Taught by  NRA Pistol Instructor  Mathew Bayley click on the  Self Protection Programs then click on NRA student reviews of concealed carry class​


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