You have a concealed carry permit and a handgun; BUT:                                       

+ Learned the different ways to carry concealed,

   and been taught the fastest method for drawing your gun from concealment  

+To practice fire your weapon runnung a tactical course, 
+To draw, move, and fire in close quarters?
+The principals to successfully engage multiple attackers.
+Draw your gun from concealment and put three bullets in a target the              

+size of an 8.5” by 11” sheet of paper at fifteen feet in under 3.5 seconds
+Learned the fundamentals of handgun retention?
Can’t answer “yes” to all these questions?                                                 

Then you have a very limited ability to defend yourself, and your loved ones

 Your next step: 

An all-day, 9 to 5 shooting course! Specifically focused on drawing from concealed carry and shooting accurately.
The curriculum is based on the FBI handgun qualification course, supplemented by the latest Special Operators close quarter handgun techniques, including:
[*]     Engaging an attacker between 3 to 9 feet
[*]      Shooting from cover
[*]     Engaging an attacker from any direction taking just one step
[*]     Different techniques of one-handed shooting based on the attacker’s distance
[*]     Moving from feet to knees to your back and up to your feet while shooting
[*]     And more!!!

Lunch included – hot dogs, burgers, barbecue, chips + pot luck. 

Morning and afternoon breaks with discussion and Q&A.
For students without their own hand gun and concealed carry holster, the newest Springfield semiautomatic pistols with concealed carry holsters can be provided at no additional charge.                                                               

Per-person cost is $200 + ammunition. Pre-registration by April 25th                                                                                   

Class size limited to eight students