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 ​Concealed Carry  &  Advance  Handgun Programs

Matt Bayley teaches  at Both The Gypsum Gun Club &The Minturn ( Two Elk Shooting Ranges )
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The NRA Basic Pistol / Concealed Carry Class    

Live fire

 Concealed Carry Class


Cost: $150 per person

There is limited enrolement

​Pre-registration required   

Expect to fire at least 200 rounds.                        

This two day program is the the Gold Standard in hand gun safety training, and the curriculum develops:

  • Meticulous  handgun handling, and safety.
  • Breaks down the reasons for, and teaches the fundamentals of modern close quarter concealed carry self-defense shooting.   

 Instructor Bayley adds possibly the most important and most often left out component of any comprehensive firearms program.
How to set up and shoot next to other shooters on an active, live fire, shooting range  

Nationwide, 1/3 of all beginning / intermediate shooter,” gun club members or day use clients,” do not renew their gun club memberships, and or stop going to shooting ranges because they are and uncomfortable and unfamiliar with the proper safe way of joining other shooters on an active shooting range. There are just a few universal safety and communication protocols, that once learned give every participant in the program the knowledge and self-confidence to comfortably join other shooter on the range.                                            if you will, Good Shooting Range Manners. This process is part of live fire component.

A professional close quarter combat instructor for over thirty years, multi-discipline NRA Certified Firearms Instructor Matt Bayley's augments the NRA course by adding the fundamentals of latest evolutions in SWAT and Special Operation "close quarter shooting."

Food for thought: The decision to get a concealed carry permit and carry a handgun, all or part of the time is arguably the most serious decision that you will ever make. You are making an intellectual and moral decision to, if necessary; use deadly force as a legal means to protect your life and the lives of your loved.

The facts:
        90% of self-defense shooting happens within 15 feet.
        Of these, 90% happen within 3 feet.

The “shoot or no shoot” distance for law enforcement is 21 feet. If a criminal with a knife or stick gets closer than 21 feet from a police officer, the protocol nationwide is to shoot and keep shooting until the threat is over. 

This means in the real world, there is high probability that if you encountered a dangerous, violent criminal and need to use your firearm, it will happen at a distance that law enforcement professionals try to avoid at all cost. I developed the self-protection shooting component with these statistic in mind.  There are “Tricks to the trade” when protecting yourself at close quarter.  If you are determined to learn how to protect  yourself and your loved ones with firearms, who better to learn from then an expert in close quarter fighting.


Contact Mathew Bayley at mbayley@comcast.net or call (970) 376-0644                                                    To verify that there are still opening

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Applied Concealed Carry    


According the Department of Justice Studies, 90% of attacks on men and women happen in the same way.  I’ve been teaching men, women and children to defend themselves for close to 40 years and the one thing I have learned is to “keep it simple.”  With half a dozen concealed carry techniques, anyone can defend themselves and their family against 90% of possible attacks.  This one-day course will teach you what to do and how to practice your new skills to perfect your ability to protect yourself with a concealed hand gun.
Clear – moving your firearm from holster, bag, etc.
Draw -
Engagement Position – without the gun leaving your body
Engage -
Movement – fight forward / backward with either foot
Retreating safely

 The applied carryclass is open to anyone who has their Concealed Hand Gun permit, not just my students.  I make my points by using analogies, so I will be brief. A courageous, strong, fast, athlete has an OK chance in a fist fight. But a Golden Gloves boxer not only has developed greater skills, but understands the science of fighting.  I am offering men and women who have the determination to be able to protect their family, the science of close quarter defense, and the concealed carry draw.


Advanced Applied Concealed Carry                     
The Advanced Applied Concealed Carry is the logical next step after you take the Basic Pistol and Applied Concealed Carry Course.   
 a. Advanced Concealed Carry Draw
 b. Close Quarter engagement in any direction
 c. Shooting from your knees, from your back, and around corners
 d. Engaging multiple attackers
 e. Magazine exchange
 f. Fixing malfunctions in a self-defense scenario
 g. The tricks of shooting in unorthodox scenarios

Regardless of the type of firearms classes a student wants to pursue Matt Bayley’s life time practicing and teaching martial arts, and his expert close quarter firearms skills, offers each student, shooting lessons from a gifted experienced instructor who put his student’s safety and success above all else. And for people who are determined to learn how to protect themselves and their loved ones with firearms, who better to learn how to defend yourself with a gun then an expert in close quarter fighting.

Urban Combat Training for Civilians
The driving force behind this program is simple – how good do you want to get, and how much effort are you committed to invest in your personal safety and the saftyof your loved ones? 

As an instructor my job is to give each student the amount of self-defense training they feel they need to reasonably cover the threats that they may encounter in their life.  As a student becomes aware of what they are capable of handling they become clear on the level of threat they cannot handle.  One aspect of this is tool transition – how to move from hands to blades to sticks to a gun.  And how to transition from a handgun to a long gun.  This is not a martial arts program – but the nature of urban combat with a firearm precludes the ability to use your gun as a club, spear, or hammer – as a gun is an extension of your hand the pursuit of urban combat skills necessitates the perfection of a select few arm and leg strikes.  This is adaptive urban fighting and depending on your age and physical condition the techniques that Master Bayley shares with you will be curtailed to your exact needs and abilities.   The curriculum will be specifically designed to your learning needs and using your environment and surroundings to your tactical advantage. 

​Mathew Bayley brings one more set of skills to the shooting programs he offers.  At age sixty six, Grand Mater of the Martial Artist (7th degree Black Belt) Mathew Bayley has been training to fight, fighting, and teaching others how to win a fight for close to half a century.  Matt has studied under, trained with, and been the instructor of members of elite fighting units from every branch of the service, specializing in close quarter, empty hand, knife and stick fighting. Before retiring, Matt was a POST Certified defensives tactics instructor for law enforcement working primarily with SWAT teams.   Grand Master Bayley has instructed well over ten thousand martial arts students and close to 20,000  student covering all aspects of personal and family self-protection.         

Anyone who has studied with Mathew Bayley is clear that he is Heart Attack serious about firearms safety. At the same time he possesses a lively sense of humor, and always finds a positive way to make corrections.

A student who has been taking lesson with instructor Bayley for the last five years observed “his teaching style is the perfect blend of John Wayne and Robin Williams”. He makes Recreational shooting safe and really fun, and for people who are determined to learn how to protect themselves and their loved ones with firearms, who better to learn from then an expert in close quarter fighting.  

 Mathew Bayley offers each student, shooting lessons from a gifted experienced instructor who put his students safety and success above all else.


  • Private lessons
  • Small Group Classes
  • Large Group Programs
  • Recreational League Competition