If you want to learn Firearms Safety  

Chose the Safest Person with a gun you will ever meet

There is a reason why Mathew Bayley is The Chief Range & Safety Officer at the Gypsum Gun Club, The only Firearms Instructor to ever  be granted an Outfitters Permit to teach Shooting Sports and Firearms Safety in the Holy Cross District of the White River National Forest, and the one  Constant in Firearms Instruction in the Vail and Eagle Valleys for the last 20 years

"Matt , is the safest person with a  firearm I have ever seen"

Ken Gee "Sensei"

Pikes Peak Akikai

 Firearm Safety Programs 

Matt Bayley teaches  at Both The Gypsum Gun Club &The Minturn ( Two Elk Shooting Ranges )
              For more information please call 970-949-8121 or mbayley@comcast.net


  • Private lessons
  • Small Group Classes
  • Large Group Programs
  • Recreational League Competition

The Basics Firearms Skills-

This is a class is best suited for student with little to no shooting experience and the shooter who have not practiced in a long time and is in need of a refresher course.   We can cover the safe handling of pistols, rifles, and shotguns.

Safe Firearm Handling

We will explore different types of guns and gun actions so that you can confidently load, fire, and unload a firearm.  You will also learn how to inspect a firearm that is handed to you to ensure it is safe to handle and how to properly hand a firearm to another person. 

Firearm Maintenance –

You will learn how to ensure a firearm is unloaded, how to break down a firearm, how to properly clean and lubricate the firearm, and how to re-assemble the firearm and ensure it is ready to fire. 

Shooting Range Protocol and Safety -

After this course you will understand how to transport a firearm to a shooting range, range rules, and range etiquette so that you can confidently enjoy the sport of shooting for years to come.

Fundamentals of Accurate Shooting –

Matthew Bayley helps each student develop their own personal natural shooting platform with a solid grip, an accurate sight picture, and solid trigger control.  Mr. Bayley teaches the skills of accurate shooting in a specific order and help ensure mastery of each skill before teaching the next refinement.  This form of mastery learning ensures that you develop a solid and stable shooting platform.

This complete firearms program allows you to pursue shooting sports with a comfort that allows you to visit any shooting range on your own, or with friends and family, and know that you are a competent and safe shooter.