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There is a reason that any professional athlete has their own personal coach – the learning outcomes are specialized and designed specific to the learner.  Private lessons are very popular as people are more comfortable learning a new skill in a one-on-one safe and comfortable environment.  Please contact me about scheduling your private shooting experience.



It is common knowledge in the shooting world that women are naturally better shooters than men. Of course there are no  absolutes, but generally  according to experts in the field of  bio-mechanics “seventy to eighty percent” of women have better eye hand coordination, an affinity for more highly developed fine motor skills, and a lower center of gravity, than men. Shooting is a function of creating a solid shooting platform (shooting stance), and an ability to pull the trigger without moving the gun.  Women have natural attributes that enable them to master shooting at an accelerated pace.  Fast, accurate shooting is a process of linking and multitasking, a number of shooting fundamentals in the proper order, and women tend to be process oriented. Women, tend to focus on understanding a process and strive to constantly improve it.

SHORT VERSION:in the shooting world when we say “SHOOTS LIKE A GIRL” that is a huge compliment”

Source on the difference between gender logic and laqnguage systems: “Deborah Tannen”, Arguable the most scholarly author on gender communication and the unique difference between the men and women’s cultures in the world.

 Google her books, they make a great read.

Women’s Recreational & Defense Shooting League  

GirlsnGuns, Evening Women’s Shooting League                                                                                                               

Starts Tuesday, June 7th and runs through Tuesday, July 26th. League standings will be posted on the gun club website after the third week.  Shooters may enter the league under two categories- Recreational Target and Self Defense. This curriculum is a combination of recreational gun safety and handling, slow fire target accuracy and, for more advanced shooters, the FBI Qualification Program shooting primarily from a concealed draw at single and multiple targets from 3 yards to 25 yards plus more advanced movement, shooting around corners, and shooting from the ground.  This eight week program cost is $150.00.   Shooters of all levels are welcome. There will be a barbaque / pot luck and shoot off --- 



​​Matt Bayley teaches  at Both The Gypsum Gun Club &The Minturn ( Two Elk Shooting Ranges )
              For more information please call 970-949-8121 or mbayley@comcast.net

On Target is an Equal Opportunity Service Provider


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