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 Girls N Guns 

 Private Instruction Lesson, up to two students
There is a reason that any professional athlete has their own personal coach – the learning outcomes are specialized and designed specific to the learner.  Private lessons are very popular as people are more comfortable learning a new skill in a one-on-one safe and comfortable environment.  Please contact me about scheduling your private shooting experience.




 The day long program creates two opportunities.

1. Introducing friends who have expressed an interest in learning to shoot a hand gun, In an enjoyable                social gathering.                                                                                                                                         
2. Bringing a few experienced shooters together to sharpen their skills, learn more  advanced   shooting drills                 and get ready for the summer shooting season.

  Group Special                                                                                                                                                       Schedule a great out door winter get together with friends and family 
(Only one shooter) in a group has to be a past or current student                                   
   A four-hour group lesson $600  and an a (1hour Pot luck and barbecue)                                                           
   Group of three shooters $200.00 per person                       
   Group of four $150.00 per person
   Group of five  $120.00 per person                                                                                                                           Group of six   $100.00 per person
Make a day of winter fun, in our warm winter shooting station

Private lesson:

. Take a Two-hour private lesson (up two people) Regular price $300 shooters                                                          Winter special 1/3 off $200.00                   


It is common knowledge in the shooting world that women are naturally better shooters than men. Of course there are no  absolutes, but generally  according to experts in the field of  bio-mechanics  and Nero-science seventy to eighty percent” of women have better eye hand coordination, an affinity for more highly developed fine motor skills, and a lower center of gravity, than men. And most importantly women tend to be "process oriented". meaning the majority of women diliberatly studying how each movment links together, and ultimately learn new skills more thoroughly. ​It is these natural attributes that enable women to master shooting at an accelerated pace.  


In the shooting world when we say “SHOOTS LIKE A GIRL” that is a huge compliment.


 “Deborah Tannen”.   

Books You just don't understand

Nine to Five    

 Arguable the most scholarly author on gender communication and the unique difference between the men and women’s cultures.

Google her books, they make a great read.

​visual. audiyory kenistetic That women and men generally process information, learn differently,  and communicate  with the same words to accomplish different results, is both natural and a very productive dynamic.

 Instructors  who are  aware of these differences are better able  to create programs for every student that produces greater results, are more enjoyable, empowering, and effective. 

 Information on the summer Girls & Guns program will be posted in mid-April


Defensive tactical thinking and threat assessment
Techniques for recognizing and avoiding threats
Dealing with threats in home, rural, and urban settings (including home defensive positions and tactics for use indoors and out)
Protecting loved ones and friends in urban or rural environment, or at home, when difficulties are unavoidable
Handgun retention and self-defense techniques when a threat makes initial deployment of a handgun impractical
Shooting on the move, or from knees, prone, or on back
Combat draw and magazine exchange; dealing with multiple attackers; movement when setting up and when firing;  Judging targets and angles





​​Matt Bayley teaches  at Both The Gypsum Gun Club &The Minturn ( Two Elk Shooting Ranges )
              For more information please call 970-949-8121 or mbayley@comcast.net

(970) 376-0644   mbayley@comcast.net


  • Private lessons
  • Small Group Classes
  • Large Group Programs
  • Recreational League Competition

On Target is an Equal Opportunity Service Provider