Target Shooting Skills Development 

There are many tricks of the trade that can help you develop your shooting skills on fixed targets.  We will use direct feedback and video analysis to refine your shooting platform and work on specifics such as: arm length and position, grip, and sight picture.  Shot timers will help you refine your ability to control emotional / mental components as they help simulate the intensity of shooting under pressure.   For those who are interested in carrying a handgun concealed we will specifically work on the proven techniques of drawing your firearm and acquiring your target.

“Matt taught me how to transport my handgun from (my holster, nightstand, or glove box), to bring it to my point of certainty (the ready position), and then acquire my target – I have never felt so confident in my ability with a handgun.” - Lisa

Shooting targets, clays, and interactive steel targets 

Shooting clays and interactive steel targets brings a fun and exciting aspect to help develop your shooting skills.  A few runs against another shooter on the dueling tree is sure to help you hone your trigger control, front sight placement, and target acquisition.  Shooting moving and interactive targets with your whole family is ton of fun and a great way to develop your shooting skills.   I will work with you to design an exciting day where the focus is on developing shooting skills through interactive play.  

Birthday Parties, Private Shooting Events & Competitions 

Family and friends getting together in the Vail Valley can enhance their ski vacation with a day at the range in a private shooting events or competitions using pistols, rifles, and tactical shotguns.  We can run a tactical course, compete on the dueling tree, shoot trap – the possibilities are endless.  Contact me now to design a shooting event that will be the crown jewel of your vacation – trophies and awards available with a few weeks’ notice. 


Matt Bayley teaches  at Both The Gypsum Gun Club &The Minturn ( Two Elk Shooting Ranges )
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 Recreation Shooting 

All Programs are available in:

  • Private lessons
  • Small Group Classes
  • Large Group Programs
  • Recreational League Competition