VIP Amenities

  • Catered lunch  
  • limousine service to the shooting range
  • Ken Gee, action photography,

                  Everyone participating will receive a CD with multiple photographs of themselves                                                               shooting at the pistol line and running the tactical course.   


  • Private lessons
  • Small Group Classes
  • Large Group Programs
  • Recreational League Competition

 ​​Visiting Groups

Matt Bayley teaches  at Both The Gypsum Gun Club &The Minturn ( Two Elk Shooting Ranges )
              For more information please contact Matt @ (970) -376-0644  or

 Group Shooting Program
The balancing act is to offer a program that does not overwhelm guests with limited experience, while challenging guests with advanced firearms skills. This is typically accomplished in the following manner.

I have developed a range safety and gun handling methodology that is logical, simple to learn, and forms the foundation for both recreational and advanced combat shooting.  This regimen assures safety through uniformity of gun handing and body movement by every person on the shooting line.

I am in the process of producing a close quarter firearms shooting video series that breaks down hand gun shooting into over 200 individual skill sets. Each skill set is a standalone shooting drill that can improve anyone’s firearms proficiency and acts as the foundation for the subsequent skill set, and so on in progression. Everyone, regardless of their current skill level, starts with skill set #1. As shooters show proficiency on this first drill, I move them to the next.  It is not uncommon for student with limited hand gun experience to master four to five skill sets in the day.  Experienced shooters generally work their way through a dozen or more skill sets including multiple target engagement. This success-based teaching system is designed to create a sense of accomplishment for each guest.

For safety, at the outset, all aspects of gun handling at the shooting line are on my command.  As each guest, and the group as a whole, handles their firearms with fundamentally strong safety protocols, the range goes live. Each guest loads and fires their hand guns at their own comfortable pace. This allows experienced shooters to get more practice, facilitating faster progress through the skillsets..

Justiin S

Hey Matt,
Just wanted to share a review of the time we had last weekend. I hope it helps your business in the future.  
Our outing with Matt Bayley was the highlight of our trip to Vail. The outdoor range was beautiful and Matt's training was excellent and exciting. Our firearms training started with a significant and thorough safety training. We learned about the guns, how to approach them, how to stand, how to aim, and how to fire. The afternoon proceeded to firing the handguns, then rifles and shotguns. Matt's training was excellent, his stories were timely and appropriate, and he made the afternoon unforgettable. I'd recommend using him for an unforgettable outing with an awesome instructor.

Thanks again, Matt.

The firearms  I provide, are a wide selection of Black Guns, manufactured by Springfield, H&K, Sig Saur, and Glock, along with a very nice selection of Smith & Wesson revolvers and tricked out 1911s.  During the hand gun component, students are welcome to try as many different guns as they wish.

  • Birthday Parties
  • Bachelor Parties
  • Corporate Retreat 
  • Girls Getting Together
  • Bucket List


Robert O
Thanks so much for a great experience on Friday.  We are all back to our regular lives in Ohio and New York but the opinion of the group was clear, we all had a great time and learned a lot.  In fact, on the drive back from Vail to the airport, one of my buddies said “that was certainly an experience I’ll never forget for the rest of my life.”  As the organizer of the trip, that is exactly the kind of response I wanted.  My goal for the trip was to bring together friends old and new and create some great memories and you helped us do just that.  I’ll be sure to connect with the concierge from Inspirato and sing your
praises, making sure you get on the short-list of activities they point out to adventurous types.

A Little Feedback 

Richard M
I served in the Army as a Military Intelligence officer both stateside and in Vietnam.  I had a great deal of intense, advanced military weapons training, ranging from sidearm through a variety of long guns and specialized munitions to machine guns and mortars to tanks.  I’ve been taught by many fine, experienced military instructors.  Without question, Matt is the finest small arms instructor I’ve met.  He is a superb teacher, at home instructing advanced shooters, beginners, and those in between.

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to book the shooting component.
Please make the check out to:                                                                                                                                                                          On Target  

 PO Box 787                                                                                                                                                                                                        Vail, CO 81658



The second part of the day is a tactical rifle and shot gun combat course. This is a little time consuming because only one guest may run the course at a time, but this activity is quite exciting and, needless to say, is the highlight of the day.
My AR15’s are top of the line, each one equipped with holographic optic systems.  My tactical shot guns are varied: Remington 870, Mossberg 930 semi auto and Kel Tec 15 round close quarter entry guns.